Our Super Ionic Fulvic Minerals Contain Over 77 Essential Minerals and Amino Acids That Allow Your Body to Rapidly Absorb Vitamins and Nutrients.

This is the missing link to today's complete nutrition!

The way we eat has changed more in the last 50 years than it has in the previous 10,000. Commercial farming techniques including pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and pollution have left our fruits, vegetables, milk and meats lacking in vital trace minerals. The fact is that grocery stores no longer have seasons. Fruits and vegetables are

grown in fertilizers and pesticides then picked green and ripened with Ethylene gas. Much of today's food is genetically altered or packed with hormones to grow bigger, faster and stronger, but less nutritious. Our food supply looks and tastes similar to what it used to 50 years ago, but the core of our fruits, vegetables and even meats have lost much of the ESSENTIAL VITAMINS & MINERALS that our bodies require to feel great and fight sickness and disease. It is no wonder the masses are dying of cancer and heart disease.

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What Do Our Super Ionic Fulvic Minerals Do?

There is compelling evidence that modern food is considerably less nutritious than it was 50 years ago:

Our Super Ionic Fulvic Minerals Bring the Vital Nutrition Components Back Into Your Diet.

The proof is out there, trace minerals have been virtually eliminated from our food supply. With over 72 minerals in ionic state and every single essential amino acid KNOWN TO MAN our Fulvic is the answer to this issue!

The Most Pure Fulvic Ionic Mineral Supplement on the Planet!

Only 12 drops per dose! Take 3x daily.

We have a direct source with a private mine located in a beautiful forested region in the southern United States where our Fulvic is sourced. It is so unique that the quality of our minerals literally tower above almost any other source on earth.

At over 70% Fulvic and 20% Humic Acid our Super Ionic Fulvic Minerals are not only the most pure, but the most concentrated available.
Our Super Ionic Fulvic Minerals are so pure and so concentrated that if any other source of Fulvic attempted to concentrate their minerals, it would result in high levels of heavy metals and render their product unsafe and hazardous for human consumption!

Fulvi Ionic Minerals - Forest Region



Do the Math: Our 2oz Bottle of Super Ionic Fulvic Minerals is Comparable to Over 70 Bottles of the Competition's Fulvic Products.

Because our source is so pure and we are able to concentrate our Fulvic at such high levels, you only need to buy 2oz of our product to match over 70 bottles of what you get from other sources. Why buy a big plastic bottle filled with mostly water and a small concentration of low grade minerals? It's really quite simple to see the value of our minerals vs. the competition. Literally a couple of drops of our Fulvic matches a whole bottle of what the competition is selling.
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Fulvic in Plastic Bottles Can be TOXIC!

Our Fulvic Comes in Small Amber Glass Bottles
-Less Waste and Much SAFER!!

Fulvic stored in plastic can become toxic over time as fulvic acid has a high propensity to detoxify and leach chemicals. These properties can cause fulvic to take chemicals out of plastic. That is why our fulvic is delivered to you in a small glass bottle. Keeping your Fulvic in a material that is non-toxic can become essential to your heath and well being.

Can Your Fulvic Do This?

See our highly concentrated Super Ionic Fulvic Minerals in action. Watch how an ordinary tea bag in cold water instantly turns water a deep and rich color within seconds of adding just a few drops of our Fulvic. We like to ask individuals who are currently taking other Fulvic products if their Fulvic can do this. Try it at home yourself!

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Directions: Dilute up to 12 drops 1-3 times
daily in purified non-chlorinated or
non-flourinated water, juice or smoothie.
Do not exceed 36 drops per day.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
We are so confident that you will love our Super Ionic Fulvic Minerals, that we offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our products, you may return the unused portion to receive a full refund

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